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"Untitled 1,Untitled 2"

The 13th Bread and Roses Art sale

For the benefit of Women and Work

27-29 December 2018 -Gallery of Artists' workshops, Kalisher 5, Tel- Aviv

Photomontage made out of found photographs found/purchased in second hand shops around where I live in Stockholm. The collage is made by two elements put together by being framed together. My interest is in the photographic portrait as an image based on archetypes - and the action of assemblage is used as a side note, an interference. A disruptive act which highlights the gender gap in representing Personas. It is aimed towards the viewer's gaze, the photographs were bought as framed pictures- both are anonymous figures from the past  are most likely Local -Swedish.

The Identity of the man wasn't specified or recognized yet it is most definitely someone famous-due to the fact the photo is a reproduction, looks like a from the '60s. The woman is an original photo print from the 70's -looks as if privately developed in a dark room. The clippings are representing female anatomy elements. Some unpublished texts are coded into the documents by using glitch technique. Both photomontages have physical versions where the text is hidden inside the frame.

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